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    About Us



    Isis Oasis - Is Nonprofit 501(c3) Retreat Center, Temple, and Animal Sanctuary, founded in 1978 by Loreon Vigne, and has been a Northern California landmark for over 30 years. Now, at this momentous time in history, Isis Oasis is expanding and upgrading itís programs and services to meet the dawn of a new era.

    Come join us for an afternoon with the kids to see the animals, or plan your next event here on our beautiful, wine country property.

    We invite you to join us for Sunday services at 3:00pm, or daily ritual at noon. The temple is served by three full time priestesses, in addition to Lady Loreon herself. The priestesses are also spiritual councilors, energy workers, and keepers of sacred traditions.

    If you are interested in being part of the Temple of Isis, we welcome your email, or Friending us on Facebook. We are creating a spiritual community of like-minded people who wish to build a new world, in peace, balance, and harmony



Our History

Isis Oasis Sanctuary was founded in 1978, as Isis Oasis Retreat Center, by Loreon Vigne. Before that time Loreon was an artist and craftsperson in San Francisco. She created a line of giftware and jewelry called Noir Enamelcraft and maintained her own gallery in downtown San Francisco. As her work became popular she needed a workshop. Answering a newspaper ad, she was delighted to discover that the building was on Isis Street. Knowing of this street, she had wished to live there because it was named for the Goddess. So she was quite amazed to have this synchronicity occur.


See Lorenís Video Poem to the animals of Isis Oasis



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