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Friday October 11

Dinner at 7 P.M.
Choreographed dance by
Leema and company

followed by an impression
of Lady Olivia giving us
a guided meditation
by Lillith Babelon

Then a composite of
Great Lovers of the world
by way of introduction
of those that are here. Very
informative and juicy.

Saturday October 12

Events all day with
Priestesses and Priests
offering their wisdom.

After dinner
Opera of Isis, Osiris, Set, Nepthys
by Loreon Vigne

Blue Lotus ceremony
by Arishta
Priestesses and Priests
offering their wisdom.

Linda Iles
deTraci Regula
Isadora Forrest
Arisa Victor
Heather Salmon
And much more . . .

$50 deposit to hold
your space $115 a day.
This includes 3 meals
all events, and overnights.
Come to all 3 days if
you can.

See you at
the Convocation!
Blessings, Lady Loreon

20889 Geyserville Ave.
Geyserville, CA. 95441

Sunday October 13

Gnostic Mass with
Elizabeth Kelley

Memorial for Arch Priestess
Laura Janesdaughter

Ordinations followed by feast

Open poetry readings
hosted by Rain Graves.

Film, Saving Isis by
Filmmaker, Love Jordina

Dance your Dreams
Free Form Dancing

Monday Oct. 14

Adoration of Isis
and Osiris by Zarita

Oracular Experience
completing the event.

Meeting of the Temple of Isis,
open to all after lunch...Farewells!

Each day includes lodging, all events and 3 vegetarian meals. Special dietary needs can in most cases be fullfilled if you give us advance notice by phone or email.
If you are just paying a $50 deposit to hold a space for you, keep in mind that spaces fill quickly for this event and you will need to keep us informed of the status of your attendance and further payments

Shared Room Attendance Options
Private Room Attendance Options
Dorm Lodging/Camping Options
OR - $50 DEPOSIT to save a space



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