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    Temple of Isis



The Temple of Isis is a legally recognized church in California established in June of 1996. We honor the Goddess Isis, who in modern terms equates with Mother Earth, and has been worshipped longer than any other deity known on the planet.

Isis_arrives02In honoring Isis we honor the earth, recognizing the peril of this time, given the amount of pollution, destruction of endangered species and violence between countries and each other. We seek to establish harmony, caring, and love among all people by gently pointing the way to a more feminine perspective. We have no dogma, but prefer what may humorously be called catma, a kind of freedom and independence in thought stemming from the ancient wisdom of Egypt

We generally follow the principles of the Fellowship of Isis, out of which our temple was born. The FOI was established by Lady Olivia Robertson and her brother at Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Ireland, which has thousands of members in over 80 countries. Those who are members of the FOI are connected only by their love for the Goddess as each practices in whatever way they wish. The idea is to create balance by incorporating the feminine in deity. We all need the nurturing, forgiveness, and compassion that the Great Mother provides, as we seek to integrate and strengthen both our lunar and solar qualities. Those who become Priestesses and Priests of Isis, within this Temple, pledge to honor all life and commit to help the earth and her people's not only for her preservation but to bring to our lives and the lives of future generations more light and wisdom.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Temple of Isis, we would welcome your email. We are hoping If you are interested in being part of the Temple of Isis, we welcome your email, or Friending us on Facebook. We are creating a spiritual community of like-minded people who wish to build a new world, in peace, balance, and harmony

The Temple of Isis is located at Isis Oasis Sanctuary, on 10 beautiful acres in Geyserville, California. The actual Temple is always open for private meditation time. The sanctuary has a pool, spa, sauna, aviaries of birds and endangered cats which are bred here, plus a sacred 500 year old fir tree. Isis Oasis serves also as a site for weddings and other sacred ceremonies.



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